Iva Charlot

Aramis's Sister-in-Law


Iva Charlot, Keeper of the Vigil

Aspects: Warlord in Disguise; I Must Save Henri; Constant Vigilance

Skills: Great (+4) Fight, Good (+3) Physique, Fair (+2) Athletics, Average (+1) Rapport [note: 4 physical stress boxes]

Stunts: Battlefield Expert. Can use Fight to create advantages in large-scale tactical situations.

Height: 5’3" Weight: 105 lbs. Age: 27
Eyes: Green Hair: Red Skin: Creamy

Iva Charlot (EYE-va shar-LOW) is small, but solidly built, with flame-red hair and sparkling green eyes. When her hands aren’t holding her infant son, Henri, they’re spinning wool into thread.

She makes careful study of her surroundings, but avoids drawing attention to herself. She speaks plainly, maintaining a calm demeanor.

Iva lives on the ranch that will one day belong to her husband OrsonAramis’ brother. The death of her sister-in-law, Celeine, was a terrible tragedy. The birth of Iva’s son, Henri, brought the family a brief moment of joy – but the boy seems to be cursed. She has left home in search of a cure.

Iva has come to love Orson, and she dotes on their son. But she has never forgotten her duty to her ancestors, and sneaks off from time to time to practice her skills, and to scout out the rift. Her devotion to the cause of good comes from her mother, whom she misses even more than her late father.

Orson Shepherd (husband)
Henri (infant son)
Brother Aramis Shepherd (brother-in-law)

Portrait by Justin Sweet, from Icewind Dale


Iva Charlot

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