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Session 3

In Which Killers Are Blind

19 May, 103 CY (Continued)

GM: The three make their way back to Chatterstreet Market seeking any new information about the disappearance of Watch Captain Merdick Forren.

Reeoh: (Create Advantage – Contacts +4) Reeoh reaches out to her contacts. “You should talk to these people.” She provides a list.

Aramis: Aramis aids.

Perrin: (Overcome – Investigation +8, invoking Reeoh’s advantage and with Aramis’ aid)

GM: An off-duty town guard, a little intoxicated, mentions that the captain of the town guard, Merdick Forren, disappeared the day before the fair began. He was last seen in Chatterstreet Market. Shoomma adds that she spoke with him just a few hours before he was reported missing. He was on a routine patrol, not investigating anything in particular, though he was asking questions about reports he’d received of extortion.

Aramis: “This extortion isn’t something your people are behind?” Aramis asks Reeoh. It’s not an accusation.

Reeoh: “Not my style in any way. We’re sneaky,” she says, handing Perrin his purse. “Not brutes.”

GM: A sullen, streetwise young man explains that there have been a number of grisly deaths in Southspur recently. No bodies were found, but the sheer quantity of blood found at the scenes leaves little doubt as to the victims’ fate.

GM: A number of merchants in the Chatterstreet Market neighborhood have complained to Shoomma about crime in the last few months. Some have suffered theft, while thugs offering “protection” from theft and vandalism in exchange for money or other favors have approached others. Those who refused to pay were always victimized shortly thereafter. It wouldn’t surprise her if the apparent murders in Southspur were escalations of those who didn’t pay…

GM: A flirtatious barmaid tells a story circulating the town about the “laughing ghost of West Hill.” Residents and visitors in West Hill have heard strange, otherworldly laughter through the streets, with no definite source. Tales say that a scholar, driven mad by his explorations into “things mortals were not meant to know,” took his own life, and his ghost now haunts his old neighborhood.

GM: Evening falls as the three start going door-to-door at businesses in Chatterstreet Market. The first shopkeeper describes scruffy thugs with bladed weapons, who seemed to appear and disappear seemingly out of nowhere. The next tells a similar story, and it doesn’t take long for them to puzzle out that the wererats were probably the face of the extortion racket.

GM: It seems unlikely that they were also responsible for the murders in Southspur, however. Or at least, not personally. Perrin infers that they were probably working with another group.

Aramis: “Perhaps we should investigate Southspur ourselves, then.”

Reeoh: “Uh … Are you sure?”

Aramis: “Unless you think these ghost stories have more merit?”

Perrin: Perrin nods. “I think now is a good time to break for the evening. I’m sure my wife has heard of our excitement at the tower by now. We can meet up tomorrow.”

GM: Aramis remembers that he is due back at the shrine.

Aramis: Aramis nods. “Tomorrow, then. I also have business, back at the shrine. But I’ll find you first thing in the morning.”

Reeoh: “At your place, Perrin?”

Perrin: “I’m sure we can find a place for either of you at my house if you would rather stay there. It’d be easier than having to track you down.”

Reeoh: “Nah, I gots work to do."

GM: (Reeoh has been released Into Perrin’s Recognizance)

Perrin: “The offer was more me just being polite, Reeoh. I can’t have you running off on your own while you are in my charge.”

Reeoh: “Really? But there’s pockets to pick … Uh … I mean, I have people to steal from … SEE TO! People to see to!”

Perrin: “They aren’t going anywhere tonight. That’s the neat thing about cities. People tend to hang around them all the time. Now come on.”

Aramis: Aramis excuses himself while the other two work out their issues.

GM: Aramis Loves Sharwyn, Now, and begins to worry since she didn’t meet him at the fair or send word.

Aramis: Aramis finds his steps leading him to Zenadiel Academy instead of the shrine. (Accepts compel.) After whiling some time away with his lady love, Aramis returns to his shrine, only to realize that the wererat corpses never arrived there, since he wasn’t present to receive them. Father Sloane is Not Pleased

* * *

20 May, 103 CY

GM: The sun comes up to the news of further murders in Southspur. A trio of actors and some of their audience were apparently slaughtered and dragged off. Survivors who fled the scene described Gray-Skinned Orcs! as the perpetrators. Mariel offers breakfast to the others, since she made enough to feed a small army anyway.

Aramis: Aramis eats gratefully, if not heartily.

Reeoh: “Well that lends some immediacy to Southspur.”

Aramis: “Agreed. I’ve never seen orcs in Brindinford. Have you?”

Reeoh: “Coupla halfies, but nothing Grey."

Perrin: "Never. And Merdick’s disappearance has made it so we can’t really rely on the Watch to deal with it.” Perrin slides a journal over to Reeoh. “Thought it only fair that I show you this, after your criminal activity last night.”

Aramis: Aramis wonders if he should feign shock at this news.

Reeoh: “What’s this?”

Perrin: The journal is a list of every law that Perrin has witnessed Reeoh break so far. “I don’t have it in me to stop you, but it will all be on the record for whenever it becomes relevant.”

Reeoh: She turns the book upside down to “read” it. “So?”

GM: One of the kids pipes up. “What’s quim in null activity, Da?”

Perrin: “It’s what people do when they think they deserve better than they are willing to work for.”

Reeoh: “I works for what I earn!”

GM: The child who asked the question blinks slowly, uncomprehending.

Perrin: Perrin grabs the journal. “So now you know. Whether it stops you is up to you.”

GM: Mariel whimpers at the prospect of taking the kids to the fair on her own, but she soldiers on. The three make their way to Southspur and the scene of the grisly (apparent) murder. The Watch must have already inspected it, because there’s only a token guard presence. The fair does not extend much into this neighborhood. Less so, now. The wagon-stage is 15 feet long and 10 feet wide, and it stands 4 feet off the ground.

Perrin: Perrin asks the guards nearby if there are any witnesses still around.

GM: The guards frown at the question. “That’d be Watch business, innit. ‘Less you were lookin’ ta silence anyone who saw what happened? Friends o’ yers involved, Deadie?”

Aramis: Aramis pinches the bridge of his nose, stopping short of a full on facepalm.

Perrin: Perrin doesn’t seem as patient with that today. “The Captain is family, and I have reason to believe his whereabouts are related to this. So it’s family business.”

GM: The guards are unimpressed. “Cap’ disappeared in Chatterstreet, which is exactly where we ain’t.” (Perrin, have a fate point for unhelpful-to-hostile watchmen entrenched in the Culture of Superstition)

Perrin: Perrin wonders why he bothered doing it the polite way first. “Aramis, maybe you and Reeoh could ask the locals without me scaring them off. I’ll go scout the area.”

Reeoh: “Uh… Alright.”

Aramis: Aramis nods and heads toward the nearest place of business. (Overcome – Investigate +4)

GM: Aramis does find someone willing to talk about the recent murders. All the deaths occurred in roughly the same area, within 100 yards of the attack on the stage. No apparent connection exists between the people killed, except for their location. They included people living on the street, relatively successful business owners, men and women, street toughs and helpless innocents. Sometimes individuals were killed in dark alleys, other times entire families were slaughtered in their homes.
Plenty of locations in the area could hide a gang of murderers—abandoned warehouses, deserted homes, that sort of thing.

Perrin: Perrin tries to locate any tracks or other evidence that could point him in the direction of the killers. (Overcome – Investigate +4)

GM: Perrin finds a trail that leads back to an abandoned, boarded-up warehouse. The tracks end abruptly under the window in the southern portion of the east wall, the only window in the building that is not boarded over.

Reeoh: Reeoh scans the immediate area. (Overcome – Notice +3)

GM: Reeoh notices the large, abandoned warehouse with one window not boarded over … and Perrin standing under it.

Perrin: “Anyone up for knocking on another door today?”

Reeoh: “Do we have to knock? It didn’t work so well last time.”

Aramis: “It looks like the door isn’t an option.”

Perrin: “There is something going on in there, and I’m not in the mood to try and get the Watch involved. I’m still dizzy and I have a headache from all the blood loss, but Merdick might be in there.”

GM: (Exchange 1)

Reeoh: “I can just go in the window…?” (Overcome – Athletics +2)

GM: She can’t quite reach the high sill.

Perrin: Perrin tries to climb up. (Overcome – Athletics +4)

GM: Perrin makes it up and through the window into the darkened warehouse. As in, light ends at the window sill. The stench of rotted and decayed wood fills the place. (Dark and Darker Still, ”Listen. Do You Smell Something?”)

Aramis: “Do you see anything?” Aramis asks before climbing up himself. (Overcome – Athletics +4)

Perrin: “Nothing. Need light.”

GM: A low cackle issues from the black, and a whispered voice says, “Take them.” Aramis and Perrin come under attack by unseen assailants.

GM: (Vs. Aramis: Attack – Fight +3)

Aramis: (Defend – Athletics +3; boost on Aramis – “What The-“)

GM: (Vs. Perrin: Attack – Fight +3)

Perrin: (Defend – Athletics +2; 1 shift of stress)

GM: (Exchange 2)

Reeoh: Jumps to the window sill. (Overcome – Athletics +4)

Aramis: Aramis calls upon his divine power to dispel the darkness (Overcome – Lore +5)

GM: (Dim and Dimmer Still) Under the open window, a raised platform, fifteen feet square, stands about seven feet off the floor in the corner of this vacant warehouse. Dust and scraps of wood litter the floor below. Standing on the platform with the three are two massive, gray-skinned humanoids with wild black hair and no eyes!

Perrin: Perrin shoots the nearest whateverthehellthatthingis. (Attack – Shoot +5)

GM: (Defend – Fight +1, the whateverthehellthatthingis is taken out).

Perrin: The force of the arrow drives it well into the thing and propels it off the platform.

GM: The remaining whatever goes after the little girl who has just joined the party, swinging a primitive-looking stone axe. (Vs. Reeoh: Attack – Fight +5)

Reeoh: (Defend – Athletics +6, invoking Short (Tempered)) Her flinch is the equivalent to a full duck for the big people.

GM: It swings just over her head and slams into the wood of the wall behind her.

Reeoh: “Yipe!"

GM: Six javelins fly up from as many Gray-Skinned Orcs(?)! on the floor of the warehouse, two aimed at each of the three!


GM: (Vs. Aramis: Attack +4, +1; invoking boost ”What The-“ for first attack)

Aramis: (Defend – Athletics +3, +2; 1 shift of stress)

GM: (Vs. Perrin: Attack +2, +4)

Perrin: (Defend – Athletics +5, +4; invoking Ex-Captain of the Guard for second defense; boost on Perrin: Under Fire)

GM: (Vs. Reeoh: Attack +5, +1)

Reeoh: (Defend – Athletics +4, +4; invoking Short (Tempered) on first defense; 1 shift of stress)

GM: (Exchange 3)

Reeoh: (Attack – Shoot +2) Reeoh throws a dagger at the guy on the platform.

GM: (Defend – Fight +3)

Reeoh: “Hey! How did you even see to block that?!”

GM: It brushes a strand of stringy, sticky hair aside and grins lewdly.

Aramis: Aramis swings Wintertide at the thing attacking Reeoh, trying to draw its aggro. (Attack – Fight +6, invoking An Eye For Wisdom)

GM: It whirls to interpose its stone axe between itself and the priest, but not quickly enough. (Defend – Fight +4; It is taken out.)

Aramis: The sacred blade scores a deep line along its neck, and it flops to the platform, bleeding out.

Perrin: (Attack – Shoot +5) Perrin starts raining down fire back at the others on the floor level.

GM: (Defend – Athletics +3; It is taken out; 5 remain)

GM: The remaining ones focus fire on Aramis and Perrin.

GM: (Vs. Aramis: +4, +1)

Aramis: (Defend – Athletics +2, +1; 2 shifts of stress)

GM: (Vs. Perrin: Attack +3, +0, +7; invoking boost Under Fire on third attack)

[6/16/2015 8:59:10 PM] Perrin: (Defense – Athletics +5, +2, and +4; 2 shifts of stress plus boost on Perrin Still Under Fire)

GM: An Orc(?) assassin emerges from the shadows of the stairs and comes after Aramis for stealing the darkness. (Attack – Fight +9)

Aramis: (Defend – Fight +6; 3 shifts of stress)

GM: She grins at him as they cross blades.

GM: (Exchange 4)

Reeoh: Reeoh flings six blades in a believable manner, to make the guys on the floor Duck for Cover (Create Advantage – Deceive +7). Then she descends the stairs to the floor.

GM: The orcs(?) almost fall over themselves at they Duck For Cover (Success With Style, two free invocations)

Aramis: Aramis tries to get back from the new attacker, keeping her at reach. (Attack – Fight +5)

GM: (Defend – Fight +6) Her swordplay is a little better than Aramis’, he can tell.

Perrin: Perrin tries to distract the assassin with you know… arrows flying at her at high speeds (Create Advantage – Shoot +5)

GM: (Opposition: Fight +5; boost on assassin Suppressing Fire!)

GM: The orcs(?) on the floor continue lobbing javelins at Perrin and Reeoh.

GM: (Vs. Perrin: Attack +0, +2, +2)

Perrin: (Defend – Athletics +1, +3, +2; invoking Duck For Cover on second defense; boost on Perrin Spearophobia)

GM: (Vs. Reeoh: Attack +1, +0)

Reeoh: (Defend – Athletics +4, +2; boost on javelineer Overextended)

GM: The assassin presses the attack on Aramis. (Attack – Fight +9, using her second free invocation from earlier)

Aramis: (Defend: Fight +9, invoking boost Suppressing Fire!; boost on Aramis Outmatched)

GM: (Exchange 5)

Reeoh: (Attack – Fight +3, invoking boost Overextended) She knifes the javelineer knife the guy.

GM: (Defend – Fight +4)

Perrin: Perrin continues to try and distract the Assassin. (Create Advantage – Shoot +3). Failing that, he jumps to the floor to help Reeoh.

GM: (Opposition – Fight +7) She looks amused as she swats the arrow aside nonchalantly.

Aramis: Getting tired, Aramis desperately calls on his Queen’s wisdom to press the attack. (Attack – Fight +6, invoking Cleric of the Raven Queen)

GM: (Defend – Fight +3; 2 shifts of stress + boost She Does Bleed) The assassin’s arrogance lends Aramis an opportunity, and he gets inside her guard.

GM: The Orcs(?) swarm Perrin and Reeoh.

GM: (Vs. Perrin: Attack – Fight +3, +3, +5)

Perrin: (Defend – Athletics +4, +4, +4; invoking Ex-Captain of the Guard on first attack; mild consequence Pierced Leg)

GM: (Vs. Reeoh: Attack – Fight +5, +1)

Reeoh: (Defend – Athletics +7, +2, invoking Ducks For Cover on first defense)

GM: “You should have stayed in your shrine, Dead Priest,” says the female. “Ghaerleth Axom cannot be stopped.” (Attack – Fight +10, invoking boost Outmatched and a fate point on Assassin)

Aramis: “I will drag you there soon enough,” he deadpans. (Defend – Fight +10, invoking boost *She Does _Bleed*_and Solemn Cleric of the Raven Queen; boost on Aramis Getting Tired)

GM: (Exchange 6)

Reeoh: Reeoh counts the odds and sees that Aramis is overmatched; she Vanishes. (Stunt: Ninja Vanish)

Perrin: Perrin tries to fight his way out of a corner. (Attack – Shoot +5)

GM: (Defend – Fight +2; It is taken out; 4 remain)

Aramis: Aramis changes his tactics and casts Whispers of the Dead. :My Queen awaits you.” (Attack – Lore +7, invoking Cleric of the Raven Queen)

GM: (Defend – Will +1; She is taken out)

Aramis: Visiting his knowledge of the Shadowfell upon her proves to me too much for her mind, and she collapses.

GM: The other Orcs(?) see their leader collapse and look at one another uncertainly. Seeing an opportunity for a promotion, they all close on the guy without the direct link to the Ungrateful Dead. (Attack – Fight +3, +1, +0, +1)

Perrin: (Defend – Athletics +5, +3, +6, +6)

GM: (Exchange 7)

Reeoh: Reeoh appears and backstabs one of them (Attack – Stealth +6)

GM: (He is taken out; 3 remain)

Reeoh: He slumps silently

Perrin: Perrin shoots at another (Attack – Shoot +4)

GM: (Defend – Fight +1; It is taken out; 2 remain)

Aramis: Aramis attempts to snuff out one of the remaining monsters with a lance of faith. (Attack – Lore +2)

GM: (Defend – Athletics +4)

GM: The remaining orcs(?) attack Perrin and Reeoh, one on each.

GM: (Vs. Reeoh: Attack – Fight +2)

Reeoh: (Defend – Athletics +3)

GM: (Vs. Perrin: Attack – Fight +0.)

Perrin: (Defend – Athletics +2)

GM: (Exchange 8)

Reeoh: (Attack – Shoot +3, invoking Short (Tempered) Reeoh attacks her foe.

GM: (Defend – Fight +0; It is taken out.)

Reeoh: Knife to the Nuts

Aramis: Aramis tries to laser the remaining bad guy (Attack – Lore +4)

GM: (Defend – Athletics -2; It is taken out.)

GM: Silence falls in the wasn’t-quite-so-but-is-now-abandoned warehouse.

Aramis: Aramis goes to bind the assassin.
GM: A locked chest is underneath the stairs.

Reeoh: (Overcome – Burglary +5) Reeoh unlocks it.

GM: Click! (100 gp, a 600 gp black pearl, a ring of force shield, and four scrolls: one with summon monster I and enlarge, one with shield and tongues, one with hold person and summon nature’s ally II, and one with summon monster II and mount)

Reeoh: (Create Advantage – Burglary +7) She pockets the pearl. “It. Is. Empty.”

Perrin: (Opposition – Notice +3) Perrin doesn’t notice the pearl disappear into her pocket, but frowns as he sees the rest of the loot.

GM: Behind the chest, they also find a partially chewed human femur. Pretty sure these goddamn things have been eating the people that have disappeared.

The Speaker in Dreams



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