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A summary of the steps for Chargen appears below. For details about character creation, see Chapter 3 of Fate Core.


  • Aspects: Come up with your character’s high concept and trouble aspects.
  • Name: Name your character.
  • First Phase: Describe your character’s first adventure.
  • Second and Third Phases: Describe how you’ve crossed paths with two other characters.
  • Aspects: Write down one aspect for each of these three experiences.
  • Skills: Pick and rate your skills (one at 4, two at 3, three at 2, four at 1).
  • Stunts: Pick or invent three to five stunts.
  • Refresh: Determine how many fate points you start play with.
  • Stress and Consequences: Determine how much of a beating your character can take, physically and mentally.


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