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  • Aramis

    |*Height:* 5'11"|*Weight:* 200 lbs.|*Age:* 20| |*Eyes:* Dark Blue|*Hair:* Blond|*Skin:* Freckles| *DESCRIPTION*
    Aramis (AIR-uh-miss) Shepherd is a human male who doesn't quite look his twenty years, even with his speck of beard. A patch, …

  • Iva Charlot

    |*Height:* 5'3"|*Weight:* 105 lbs.|*Age:* 27| |*Eyes:* Green|*Hair:* Red|*Skin:* Creamy| *DESCRIPTION*
    Iva Charlot (EYE-va shar-LOW) is small, but solidly built, with flame-red hair and sparkling green eyes. When her hands aren’t holding her …